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Oct 29, 2013 5:00am EDT
and their doctors, they would be able to keep them under the new law. but nbc news is reporting the obama administration knew for several years the majority of people who buy their own health coverage wouldn't be able to keep this happen their policies under obama care. nbc says those forced to buy new insurance may experience sticker shock from higher premiums. when the law was passed in march of 2010, it was supposed to grant grandfather in existing policies, even if they didn't comply with the rules. but that same year, the department of health and human services rewrote some regulations essentially getting rid of the grandfather exemption. now, the white house isn't disputing the report, but tells nbc most individual policyholders should receive better health coverage that's more affordable thanks to government subsidies. the administration says no policy will be canceled due to pre-existing medical conditions. now, congress will get the chance today to grill the top administration official closest to the rollout of the troubled obama care website. medicare chief marilyn tavenner will
Oct 30, 2013 5:00am EDT
the benefits offered under the law. they're being offered new plans which oftentimes for those who don't have subsidies are proving to be more expensive. that is proving to be a big rallying cry on capitol hill. so kathleen sebelius will likely get a double barrel bit of controversy today. >> we'll see what happens. you look good with congress behind you. you do a better job than most -- >> yeah, thanks. i like my job very much better. >> i don't blame you. good to see you. >>> now, the opening bell for the nasdaq today will be rung from dublin. why is that? well, it's the reason we sent karen cho there who is in the irish city. why is the nasdaq opening their bell today? >> about 10,000 people attending this web summit are finding a story in ireland that's not about austerity and one that's about growth. it's been, of course, international furor going off the technology business to become the next silicone valley in an unfair way, using a rather attractive tax structure. but in some ways, this is a big public relations exercise over the next couple of days to prove there is more to technolog
Oct 28, 2013 5:00am EDT
who is now screaming that's against the law might not really be right. but let me reiterate what we are as well having in terms of reports coming out from the wall street journal. they are saying that president obama was informed about the spying on angela merkel from this summer and then he immediately stopped the spying on angela merkel among others. 35 international leading politicians. so that might actually be the case. that might actually be as well the opportunity of president obama saving his face in front of angela merkel and as well perhaps being a little bit of a cure to the german/united states relation. one thing is clear, they have been spying on angela merkel's phone and as well the relations between germany and washington or the united states are seriously damaged, at least for now. with that, back to you. >> yes. got to run. for now. thanks, annette at that. that's the latest from the german point of view. >>> meanwhile, more bad news. critical obama care websites crashed. the crashed data center determines eligibility for government subsidies. the company is workin
Nov 4, 2013 4:00am EST
and the case for more national decision making on things like employment law. so, does this stack snup can we reform the e.u.? let's get a view of a fellow member. we're joined by the deputy prime minister of pole lan and the prime minister. thank you very much for joining us. you're going to go on stage when we finish speaking and talk about the e.u. what do you make of the cbi's position, what you've heard this morning? >> well, it sounds very much as if that was the polish government's position. it's almost exactly the same. we think that the e.u. is central to poland's growth prospects. we think it's central to europe's growth prospects. we think it's central to the u.k.'s growth prospects. we think it would be very bad for the u.k. and for europe and therefore for poland if the u.k. were ever to seriously think about leaving the union. >> this position that the government has is predicated on reforming the e.u. that's a big task, isn't it, to deliver a services single market in the e.u. we tried for years. we looked at the lisbon agenda as being an abject failure. >> the lisbon agenda wa
Nov 1, 2013 5:00am EDT
salary would be against european law. so they have to find other ways. they're desperate. they need to control costs they don't want costs to go up. they're losing money, they're in trouble. >> okay. and what damage do you think this will do if they're on strike for -- how long are they going to strike, for two weekends or three weekends? what damage will it do? >> to their pore lar support? probably not much. they might have to repay some tv money. that wouldn't be nice. see how this strike will have an effect on hollande will get what it wants. they just look degreedy and stupid, i have to say. >> fair point. peter, thanks very much indeed for that. peter bullen, european soccer writing for "sports it illustrated." let us know what you think about this, but with you know, are they going to look degreedy and stupid, these football clubs? e-mail us >>> to remind you where we stand with futures right now, it's a fresh trading month, of course, and after the close yesterday when the dow was down 0.5%, the s&p 500 is also down 0.4%. right now, we are implied, what,
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5